Three Bathroom Remodel


NO MORE PINK! 😂🙌 Check out this MASSIVE, THREE BATHROOM Remodel we just completed! 😱🔨❤️ The project started out with 2 bathrooms, but the homeowners were loving the changes and decided to do a few updates in the 3rd Bath as well! We couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.

Sig Design did the following: - Demo’d ... - Redesigned their entire layout in master bath to give them 2 vanities and more closet space - New Plumbing in TWO Bathrooms - New HVAC in TWO Bathrooms - New Electrical in TWO Bathrooms - Tape and Texture in TWO Bathrooms - Custom Paint in TWO Bathrooms - Tiled Showers in TWO Bathrooms - Cabinets in Master Bath - Quartz Countertops in TWO Bathrooms - Recessed Lights in Master Bath - Heated Tile Flooring in Master Bath - New Flooring in THREE bathrooms - New Jambs around Windows in Master Bath - New Base and Casing in THREE Bathrooms - Bali Bottom-up, top-down Blinds in Master Bath - Martha Stewart Custom Closet System in Master Bath

Be sure to scroll all the way through to see the BEFORE pics!

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